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2013 review of the African PE and venture capital industry

Africa remains a compelling proposition for investment: according to the 2013 World Investment Report, Africa bucked the trend of declining global Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) inflows, which fell by 18 percent globally, and posted a 5 percent increase to $50 billion over 2012. The report stated that while this growth was driven partly by FDI in extractive industries, investment in consumer-oriented manufacturing and service industrie...

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Tips & Advice for Angel Investors

Why Titanium May Be a Surprisingly Wise Investment

Even a half-hearted bit of research will have you asking, "Why not titanium?" Due to its low density, it weighs just over half as much as steel yet boasts the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any structured metals of today. It’s extraordinarily flexible, but also forcefully springs back when stressed. It possesses qualities like resistance to corrosion...

Angel Investors’ Investment Criteria | The Gold Standard

Here are some issues that angels say are on their lists of “never again” investments.

Entrepreneurs and angel investors often ask me: What kinds of companies do angel investors invest in?

Because angel investors are individuals and all individuals are different, it’s really hard to answer this question. However, from our experience reviewing over 1000 angel investment opportunities and meeting with nearly 500 angel ...

Michael Jordaan compares winemaking and venture capital

Former First National Bank (FNB) CEO Michael Jordaan is one of South Africa’s most celebrated business leaders. He became CEO of the bank at the young age of 36, and is credited with leading FNB to be named the world’s most innovative bank in the 2012 BAI-Finacle Global Banking Innovation Awards. FNB was the first South African bank to launch an app.

Last year Jordaan stepped down as CEO and traded the corporate life to st...

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