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Outside SA, Ghana

Sumasika brings remittances prices down to 5 percent from the current 12.4 percent average which saves US$4 billion more in the pockets legal migrant workers.

R 10,000,000


R 10,000


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International Animated Se...

Western Cape, South Africa

Section 120 - Income Tax free earnings for 10 years. Buy a share of an animated TV Series - Jabu’s Jungle. We are in production of series 1, fully financed, international distribut...

R 3,200,000


R 50,000


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Kolwah Investments

Gauteng, South Africa

Kolwah Investments is a privately owned investment company specializing in exotic and rare game species, which offers our investors exceptional financial returns.

R 6,000,000


R 50,000


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R1 - R50,000,000

Thesen island, South Africa

Our small consultancy acts as a dealmaker, bringing parties together to make things happen. One of our core activities is in the South African Exotic Game Indus...

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R0 - R300,000

Grande Prairie, Canada

Married and father of 2 boys. Chemical engineer, currently completing my MBA. I relocated to Canada approximately 5 yrs ago. I specialize in upstream oil and ga...

Areas of Expertise

Economics, Design

R1 - R50,000,000

The Reeds, South Africa

I am a Regulatory Reporting Manager at Standard Chartered Bank South Africa. With 5 years’ experience in the banking industry. I was previously a Basel II Ri...

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