Whether you are an investor or an entrepreneur, developing the right business partnership is the key to success. Some start-up entrepreneurs may work better with certain people than others, and vice versa where some investors may see their product evolving in a different way.

While you can reach through thousands of investors and entrepreneurs on the Angel Investment Network, it does not mean that the first one you reach is necessarily the right one. A business partnership is even more important in early stages of a new business. The entrepreneur needs to be eager, and the investor needs to be able to provide insight and advice, but at the same time each side must understand one another.

Of course, the main reason investors get into angel investment is the potential for growth and the consequent return on investment. This is the same reason why entrepreneurs look for angel investors. But the ups will always come with the downs, and both sides need to be committed to making the partnership work in the long term.

When starting a business partnership, it is important to look beyond the financial figures. What sort of experience do they have? Are they familiar with your field of work? How do they envision the overall picture, and the direction that this project/product will take in the future? Are they familiar with the South African market? Are they familiar with the global market? Can they improve your skill set? It is also important to consider some more intangible factors. Do they seem credible to you? Are they someone that you feel comfortable dealing with? After all, like any other relationship in life, if a partnership doesn't feel right to you, it probably won't work.

Our network connects entrepreneurs and investors, so that they can discuss ideas and hopefully form a successful business partnership.